Monday, September 9, 2013

while there are coincidences, i believe sometimes its fate, 
and a little red string..

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

i really need to get my shit together......

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

`of pigeons, dreamcatchers and everything in between.

chapter 24

i have often heard about how the only constant in life is change. i suppose if change is expected, we'd be able to manage the change more effectively?

looking back to the past 4 years, i have changed tremendously. the environment has molded me while people i've met shape me into who i am. i've grown so much more, knowing what i want in life, a proper direction so to speak. ive changed universities, met new people, learn to love, travelled the world, tampa, chicago, boulder, glasgow, singapore. all these places, all the scenarios.. gained valuable experiences that has propel me to where i am today.

and then i look back, amidst everything, i saw a single constant, no, not change. something else. something from my past that hasnt shift a bit since. and it was you. the way you stood at the entrance of your university. rarely i felt impulsive, but at that moment. i'd drop everything to time travel back in time. back to that short period of time where rainbows end. and guess what, eventually we did.

all the worries melted away. everything in life felt, right. you, felt right. i wont be so as arrogant to say that we
were both happy, but for me, thanks to you. i was. and when you believe that you are happy, wishes do come true. some of the wishes i've made on shooting stars did eventually come true. probably because you were there, my silent guardian angel.
and for a moment, life was.............................. complete.

that was one story i dont think i've told you. perhaps bits and pieces, but never as a whole.

every few nights, i think back about that fateful evening. could i have done anything differently? perhaps not, once you set your mind to something, you dont budge. stubborn lil you =)
but one can always wonder right?

perhaps you were right, we werent meant for each other. funny how we are from different worlds, yet finding each other in a limbo. haha, i am glad we made it even if it wasn't perfect =) you have changed one of my "what if.." to a "remember that time..". thank you.

i think i understand now. why many people wish for second chances, while not many ever have the chance to. we did. to have shared this journey with you was unforgettable.

from here on, the future is a little dimmer without you. i know what you'll say to this! "you can do it!" haha, i know i will eventually find my way again. what scares me isn't walking the dark road by myself, is the thought of taking a path that leads me so very far away from you..

wherever we end up, know that i will remember us. the brief moments we shared. and how my life have been  forever changed with this meeting of two hearts. i love you

-end of chapter 24-
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

i really dont know what to do right now..

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Saturday, January 5, 2013


"其實你不用這樣,你知道 其實我........"

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Monday, October 8, 2012

`running in my mind

it's one of those nights, you know.
where i miss you,
but there's nothing i can do about it.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

`little red strings

do i believe in little red strings, tied to the end of our fingers?
no, not really i suppose...
but one has to wonder, can it all be pure coincidences,
or part of a bigger, meticulously devised plan?

honestly, it doesn't matter,
because i know we're both comfortable when we're together =)
being comfortable with each other, that's what matters.

"love is when there are no awkward silences."

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